Seth Godin




East High School





Seth Godin ('78) is the founder and president of YoyoDyne, a leader in promotions on the Internet. The software veteran designed his first game for a mainframe while a student at East High School and has since forged his own trail through the realms of both the Internet and Marketing innovation.

Godin graduated from Tufts University in 1982 with a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. He earned an MBA in Marketing from Stanford Business School. He worked as a brand manager at Spinnaker Software where he led the team that developed the first generation of multimedia products. In 1991, he created the trivia game GUTS, the most popular product in the history of the Prodigy service.

Godin formed YoyoDyne in September 1995, a direct marketing firm that employs e-mail to create innovative marketing solutions and one-to-one relationships between marketers and consumers on the Internet. Today, the company has 750,000 active subscribers and over one million users. Godin is also the founder and president of Seth Godin Productions, a major book developer and packager that has produced more than 90 books for top publishers since opening in 1986. Among the most notable SGP successes are The Beardstown Ladies' Common Sense Investment Guide and The Beardstown Ladies' Stitch-in-Time guide to Growing Your Nest Egg, both national bestsellers. Godin lives in Hastings-on-Hudson with his wife and two sons.