Marla Eglowstein Rich, M.D




South High School





Marla Eglowstein Rich, M.D. (1975) is a high-risk obstetrician and former head of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, NY. Marla has delivered approximately 2,500 babies over the past 20 years and in 1996, she delivered sextuplets who were the first sextuplets born in New York State and the second surviving set of sextuplets born in the United States. In addition to multiple births, she specializes in patients with serious conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, AIDS, or toxemia. Almost daily, she is in a position to save a mother or rescue a newborn from life-threatening conditions associated with high-risk pregnancies. Her compassion and devotion to patients includes making their favorite Jello following delivery, especially for her patients who have caesarian sections.

After graduating from South in 1975, Marla attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. She went on to St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada and New York University, graduating in 1985.

A gifted musician, Marla is a cellist and bassist in several local chamber music and jazz groups. She and her husband, Dr. Eliot Rich, reside in Albany with their three children, Nathan, Davi and Sophie, where she is an active volunteer at her children’s school and her synagogue. Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Marla is also an active volunteer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.