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David Wright (1982) is an ABC News correspondent based in London. Reporting for World News Tonight, Nightline, and Good Morning America, he travels extensively and has covered major news events in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as in the U.S.

As a network news correspondent, he has sometimes been privileged to enjoy a front row seat to history. He reported from Kabul, the day the Taliban fell in 2001. He was at the Vatican, the night Pope John Paul II died, and in St. Peter's Square as Benedict XVI was named John Paul's successor. He reported from Afghanistan on that country's first-ever presidential elections, and in Baghdad for Iraq's historic elections a few months later. He covered the Iraq war since before the fall of Saddam Hussein, and has returned many times to cover the uncertain aftermath of the US invasion. He was one of a team of ABC reporters who shared a 2004 Emmy for their Iraq coverage. His reporting from Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 was recognized with a George Foster Peabody Award, as part of ABC's overall coverage of 9/11. His coverage of the genocide in Darfur in 2004 earned recognition from the Overseas Press Club, as well as a national Emmy Award.

Wright joined ABC in November 2000 as a correspondent in the network's LA bureau. Prior to joining ABC, Wright was a reporter for KRON, then the Bay Area's NBC affiliate. Before that, he was a public radio reporter and anchor at WBUR-Boston and KQED-San Francisco and a frequent contributor to NPR. An exemplary student in high school, Wright graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1986. In 1988, he received a master's degree from Oxford, where he studied at Merton College.